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Have a plant-astic summer!

Published on: Jul 07

You know we always have a stunning range of bouquets ready to go or to order, but have you seen our fabulous plants for indoor or outdoor?

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Ten Top Tips to Keep Your Flowers Looking Gorgeous

Published on: Apr 17

Here's some advice on how to make the most of your flowers and make them last. Add sugar to the water? A drop of bleach? Bash the stems? Here are the facts from the expert!

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What will Brexit mean to a florist

Published on: Mar 20

Will it happen? Won't it happen? When, what, why, if...just get on with it!!! As a florist, I depend on a quick supply chain to get our lovely fresh range to you, so here's what Brexit may mean for us

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Published on: Oct 01

Help support Against Breast Cancer by buying one of our Beat Bloomin' Cancer bouquets, we're donating 10% of sales to the charity, or by dropping off any unwanted bras at our Bra Bank!

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What's it like to be a florist

Published on: Sep 19

Do I get up super-early to go to the market? How creative am I? Did I train to be a florist? Here's a sneaky peak behind the scenes at The Dandelion Clock

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