Ten Top Tips to Keep Your Flowers Looking Gorgeous

17 April 2019

Fewer calories than chocolate, longer lasting than a bottle of wine, and more heartfelt than a text...

Whether you buy flowers to give to a friend or as a treat for yourself, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to someone's day and spread a little joy! They are a happy thing indeed, so here are my Ten Top Tips to make them last as possible so you get the best value for money.

1. Make sure your container or vase is spotlessly clean. Bacteria will shorten the vase life of cut flowers, and florists ensure their buckets and vases are bleached clean on at least a weekly basis. It's one of the first things you learn as a junior florist! 

2. Use the flower food sachet that comes with your flowers - it contains food and an ingredient to keep bacteria at bay.

3. Cut the stems of your flowers with a good clean knife or pair of scissors. Cutting at an angle increases the surface area for water uptake, and don't leave any raggy edges - bits of stem and foliage in the water will cause the dreaded bacteria.

4. Remove any foliage from the stem that is going to be going below the water line, or into floral foam if you are using it. Guess why!!

5.Keeping flowers in a cool place will extend their life, so avoid radiators and hot windowsills. Avoid draughty spots too - flowers are just like little people really, they just want a nice confortable spot and something to eat and drink!

6. Change their water every 4 or 5 days - no one wants to drink murky water full of bacteria! - and add another sachet of flower food.

7. Adding lemonade is a common myth, because of the sugar in it. But don't. You know what really loves lemonade? Yep, bacteria!

8. If any petals have brown marks on, remove them immediately. It's probably botrytis, which is caused by damp storage and it spreads through the flower super-quick! You may have seen this on roses, the poor things.

9. Speaking of roses, when you buy them, the head should be firm if you lightly squeeze it. This shows it is fresh and will last. If a rose head unexpectedly flops when you think the roses are fresh, it may be because they have been out of water and have an air bubble in their neck. Try this to revive them: Cut 2 - 3cm off the stems, wrap them in paper up to their necks, dip the stems in boiling water for 10 seconds, then place them in clean cold fresh water again. Leave them for a couple of hours wrapped in paper and they should perk up again.

10. Lastly, and most importantly, buy fresh flowers from a good florist! They have expertise and experience, care about their reputation, and they care for and about their flowers so will make sure you get something lovely with great value for money.

Happy Flower Buying!

Lucy xxx

Ten Top Tips to Keep Your Flowers Looking Gorgeous