Monkey Leaf Monstera!

Monkey Leaf Monstera!

We’re not quite sure how this Monstera acquired the nickname ‘Monkey Mask’ but we can certainly take a guess. A cheeky monkey that was playing hide and seek behind the bright green leaves somewhere in the tropics whilst a serious botanist was braving the jungle in order to discover new plant species. A bit of a distraction, certainly!

 How to care for him:

  • Monstera can tolerate either a light or dark spot, but preferably no direct sunlight.
  • Try not to place the plant in a draught.
  • The ideal ambient temperature is between 18 and 22 °C.
  • Water once a week. The soil should not be allow to dry out.
  • Monstera originates from a region with high humidity. You should therefore spray/mist the plant once a week with water in order to keep the leaves dust-free and damp. 

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Monkey Leaf Monstera!

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